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She really doesn’t care, and her husband doesn’t either.

Image result for melania jacket doesnt care images Folks, can things get any crazier with this administration?

Yesterday trump announced a reversal of the administration’s policy to separate children from their families while holding them in cages. Or, as the trump people call it: Rooms with cages around them.

Today we learn that they don’t know what to do next, that children will still be separated from their families, and some might never be reunited. We also learn that some of these facilities that they are being held in are worse, in some cases, than actual prisons.

Anwhoo, things went from crazy to downright bizarre. The first lady wore a jacket for her photo op with the suffering children, and it was, well…. here is what it said: “I REALLY DON’T CARE. DO YOU?” Huh?!

If I didn’t know better (trump is not that smart), I would think that this was some kind of massive distraction to have the press talk about Melania so that she can play the victim role. I suspect, though, that this is just Melania being clueless. “Be best”

Anyway, tell me what you think that jacket was all about.

*Pic from twitter.com

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She really doesn’t care, and her husband doesn’t either.