Sidney Collie on Grand Bahama Junkanoo Carnival

Sidney Collie, Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman, issued the
following statement regarding Grand Bahama Junkanoo Carnival:

“It comes as no surprise that the reports coming in from Grand Bahama
say this year’s Junkanoo Carnival saw significantly lower turnout than
last year. According to one official, less than 1,000 people attended
the second of the two-day event. This is a stark difference to years
past when attendance could reach upwards of 16,000 or even 18,000
attendees. Everything this inept Government touches or attempts to
manage falls apart.

“And of course, this delusional Government acts surprised that their
indecision on changing the event’s date would have a negative impact on
attendance. They were warned of this, but they ignored the warnings as
is typical for the PLP…”

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Sidney Collie on Grand Bahama Junkanoo Carnival