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Solo Sister in Maldives

Okay so just from the heading alone you may think is this lady insane, but trust me, Maldives is a wonderful trip for solo travelers and anyone in general who loves to travel and is tired of looking at that baby blue water and overwater villas on Instagram pics. My bucket list trip in contemplation I say can I do this? YES, I CAN, AND DID, AND YOU CAN TOO!

For those who may not know the Maldives or Maldives Island is an island country in the Indian Ocean. It consists of 1,200 small coral islands or atolls (coral reef enclosing lagoons), which make up the different islands that we’re able to take in all that beauty from.

As I prepared for my trip in excitement I knew first and foremost that a great airline with plenty of legroom FREE was needed. Scouring the internet midweek and late nights (airfares are generally cheaper those times), I decided on Emirates as I’ve flown them before and the extra perk is they put you up in Dubai if your stopover is longer than 8 hours which means you get a shorter trip inside the bigger one. Yahyee this is really happening!

The big day has come and after traveling 17 great hours I’ve finally arrived in Malé.  The beauty is overwhelming even at the airport as it’s surrounded by that beautiful water.  I reach to

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