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Image result for trump images state of the union I just listened to president trump’s address to congress, and while he has gotten a little better at reading his teleprompter, it was still a pretty pathetic display by all objective standards. It was full of nationalistic tones with zero substance, and it was confusing to boot. (Cut corporate and middle class taxes AND spend on infrastructure??)

He did not tell us how he was going to implement any of the grand policies that he was prattling on about; he demonized immigrants over and over again; and, once again, he equated poverty to black folks (and as my twitter fam observed), “tied it into violence”.

There were black people serving as props throughout the audience, and he called on them, time and time again, to show the rest of America that he is not a racist. (Good luck with that.)

The worst part of the speech, though, was when he called on the widow of a slain Navy Seal, Carryn Owens, *Benghazi* and when the audience gave her a long standing ovation. He couldn’t help himself, so he had to make it all about him.

The speech was almost an hour long.
Unfortunately it is an hour out of my life that I will never get back.

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