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Holiday wishes.

I am hanging out with the fam and waiting on Santa.This is a good time for you field hands to tell me what your Holiday wishes are.Mine is the tried and true...

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Give me your thoughts about whatever you want. Although I was wondering, what do you think of trump flip flopping once again and backing out of the debate with...

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Night off.

No post tonight, field hands. I will holla at you tomorrow. <!-- AddThis Feed Button BEGIN -->

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Donald and the 13 dwarfs.

The thing you have to understand about Donald Trump is that he is considered a celebrity. And Americans, for better or for worse, just love their celebrities...

Afro American News

"Fascist In Chief"?

The Field Negro education series continues:"As we reported this morning, President Obama is considering bypassing Congress in order to implement further gun...


Why are white men angry?

The Field Negro education series continues."Hillary Clinton’s entry into the race for the presidency has goosed the egos of some conservative ganders...

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