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Dining while black.

Dyamn! Black women can't eat at a restaurant in peace up in HARLEM?! What is America coming to? I mean we knew it was tough to just chill and have a nice meal...

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It’s 2018.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away today.Here is what your president tweeted:<!-- AddThis Feed Button BEGIN --> <!-- AddThis Feed Button END ...

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"Melania knew"?

I really don't want to keep talking about this Stormy Daniels story, but the trump White House just can't seem to get their act together when it comes to what...

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Head- scratching racism.

Tonight my racism chase takes me to Kansas, Ohio, and in the boardroom of a corporation that does business here in America.Since it's the state closest to me...

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The art of the ass kiss.

In light of that grotesque display we witnessed of ass kissing by republicans to Donald trump, I thought that I would share a few tidbits from an article I...

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