The American president and the wimpy press that covers him.

MORE DISCLAIMERS The American press never ceases to amaze me, just weeks ago, like the rest of us, they were lamenting about one of the darkest days in American history. (Imagine that, an American president making excuses for the behavior of Nazis. ) Now, incredibly, the same press is praising the behavior of the president because he happened to reach across the aisle to cut a deal with democrats. He is being hailed as “pragmatic” and “independent” because he did something that most people who find themselves in his position would do. America is so desperate to normalize trump that they will take anything he does that seems even slightly competent and praise him for it.

Anyway, I have not heard any stories of trump tweeting for a day or so. I guess his new inner circle might have finally put the cuffs on him. This is a good thing given what the country has been going through with these natural disasters hitting us one after another. This is when we need real presidential leadership, not some immature egomaniac trolling people on twitter.

Unfortunately, with Donald trump, that is something that we will never get: true leadership.

To the people of Florida, stay safe, and be careful out there.

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The American president and the wimpy press that covers him.