Editors Pick

"The fog of war."

I love that tweet from . It describes, perfectly, the hypocrisy of one Donald J. trump.

And it’s not only Mr. trump, there are quite a few right wing politicians and pundits who now all of a sudden believe that dropping bombs on countries without authorization from congress is a good thing. What a difference an election makes.

Anyway, I wish the press and some in the main stream media would stop acting like this was some huge military victory. I am sorry, all I can think about is Grenada in 1983. Y’all remember how Ronnie played us like a fiddle back then? And I can’t help but think that trump is trying to do the same thing now. I mean damn near 60 tomahawk missiles to destroy six planes? As Chris Carter would say: “Come on, maaan”.

Obama took out Osama bin Laden from the White House; trump took out some planes and a few buildings from a gold club.

Anyway, now that trump has started his own personal war, let’s hope that it doesn’t go the way of his health care plan, or, for that matter, one of his many failed ventures. Because contrary to what he would like us all to believe, he has been taking more L’s than W’s for quite awhile now.


"The fog of war."