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The "I Love The Negro" tour continues.

Image result for trump in philly imagesThere was a presidential candidate in North Philly today, and it was the one who waited for the 70th year of his life to find out that he could actually talk to black people and view them as equals.

I am sure that young Donald didn’t view us as equals when he stood silent next to his daddy while he called us the n word back in the day. (“I don’t rent to n*****s)

The Pennsylvania republican party found about 14 black republicans to do a photo op with Mr. Bobby Pin and sit there and pretend that they were actually discussing anything of substance that can benefit the black community.

For his next trick the republican nominee will be in a black church in Detroit tomorrow. This is his next stop on the “I Love The Negro” tour.

There is one little problem, though.

“Donald Trump is trying to flip the script on his miniscule support among minorities, but will need to memorize his lines for an upcoming appearance.
The candidate’s visit to a largely black church in Detroit will see him participate in a pre-written question and answer session with the pastor, according to documents seen by The New York Times.
Trump’s Saturday trip to Great Faith Ministries is not on his current schedule, and the canned conversation between the GOP nominee and Bishop Wayne T. Jackson is not open to the public or media.”

Hmmm, a” pre-written” Q & A. If only Donald knew how to just talk to black people.

It must be hard for a guy who only saw blacks folks in passing while they drove him and tended to him in one way or another his entire life.

So Reverend, how about those Lions, huh?”

*Screen shot from Philadelphia.cbslocal.com

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The "I Love The Negro" tour continues.