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The no shame zone.

Image result for bill oreilly disgusting imagesEven if you dislike the folks at FOX and what they represent, you have to respect their business model. For years they would show more legs than news, much to the delight of their old white male viewers in red states. Now, though, it seems that the gig is up.

It turns out that not all the women in the FOX fun house were pleased with how they were being treated. And, as a result, the head hog was forced out. Sadly, he might not have been alone in the FOX skirt chase Olympics.

FOX recently paid over 13 million to make sexual harassment claims go away in order to keep their star talking head on the air.

But apparently not all of his accusers wanted money, and so there was no settlement to silence at least one of the accusers.

Wendy Walsh, a former guest commentator on “The O’Reilly Factor” and adjunct professor of psychology, appeared with her attorney Lisa Bloom on Monday to call for an independent investigation of the culture at Fox News in light of claims of sexual harassment against anchor Bill O’Reilly.

Walsh, at a press conference in Bloom’s Woodland Hills, Calif., offices, claims that early in 2013, after she had started weekly appearances on “The O’Reilly Factor,” she met O’Reilly at his invitation for dinner at the Hotel Bel Air in Los Angeles, and talked of her prospects for getting hired as a paid contributor. She said she later refused his invite to his suite. After that, she said, O’Reilly was “hostile” to her and, in May, her weekly segments were put on hold.

Walsh said O’Reilly’s “job offer disappeared the moment I refused to accompany him to his hotel suite. His friendliness to me vanished the moment I rebuffed him.”

Walsh’s account was among those detailed in a New York Times report of multiple settlements totaling $13 million paid after sexual harassment claims against O’Reilly.” [Source]

I can’t blame Ms. Walsh for not wanting to go with Billo to his hotel room. I mean money can only go so far. If these stories are true, Billo and the old white men at FOX are truly despicable human beings.

Good for Mercedes Benz for pulling ads from his program. It would be nice if more advertiser’s followed their lead, but I won’t hold my breath.

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The no shame zone.