“The Square Deal, The New Deal, and a Sniffling Vagina…”

Mark Spivey

Mark Spivey

trumppuckerThe Progressive Era was a time in United States history when the country was struggling with rapid growth, corporate greed, and societal issues. Investigative reporters known as “muckrakers” traveled up and down the eastern seaboard exposing what was wrong with America through books and pictures. In his book “How the Other Half Lives”, Jacob Riis introduces middle class America to the horrors of life in the slums of New York City. His images captured the plight of school-aged children working 10-12 hour shifts in textile factories and coal mines with dirty faces and smirky smiles.

At the end of their workdays they would return home to overcrowded tenement buildings void of sanitation and lighting. Cuddled up in prenatal positions, these same children would sometimes sleep outside barefooted during the winter solace, piled on top of each other seeking the warmth of exhausted bodies. With no major newspapers willing to print his photos, Riis invited concerned citizens to private screenings of his “artwork” who gasped and gawked at every frame of the flickering slideshow. “How the Other Half Lives” sold millions of copies and jumpstarted political reforms movements that would improve and change America forever.
While Jacob Riis was busy reporting this destitute chaos, Upton Sinclair would send more shockwaves via America’s meat-producing factories in his book titled “The Jungle”. There, Sinclair would highlight the filthiness and haphazard contamination of our nation’s meat supply through a series of articles, pictures, and expose’s targeting every safety violation imaginable to an industrialized nation bent on solidifying its place as a world power. Consequently, more men would die in World War I from food poisoning than their adversary’s bullets. If it hadn’t been for President Theodore Roosevelt’s “Square Deal” policy, that established the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the passage of the Pure Food and Drug Act in 1906, many Americans would have perished at their own hands.

Teddy Roosevelt’s distance cousin and fellow president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, would help the United States recover from the ravages of the Great Depression through his “New Deal” legislation. His “3 Rs” of “Relief, Recovery, and Reform” would usher the United States into a period of sustained growth buoyed by its victory in World War II and solidifying its stance as a “Super Power”. We can thank FDR for Social Security, Public Works Programs, and the Federal Housing Administration. He was so well-liked by the American public that he was elected an unprecedented 4 times to the office of the presidency.

In the eyes of many politicians, Roosevelt’s popularity and ever-growing political clout was too influential and took on “king-like” qualities, something the founder fathers promised to avoid in the United States Constitution. After his death, the 22nd Amendment set term limits on how long a POTUS could remain in office. Both Roosevelts were well-liked, well-respected, and well-deserving of their roles as leaders of our nation.51056208f08c7cd595c97ecbf1fd83611472053034581

We have seen Mr. Trump in a number of debates over the past year. He is brash, rude, disrespectful, and cocky. In my 39 years of being a registered voter in the United States, I have never seen politics sink to such an all-time low with his shenanigans. The number one topic has gone from being what’s best for the American public to his past/current fascinations with vaginas. No wonder he has the sniffles.

Instead of debating Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, with substantive issues such as healthcare, immigration, gun-control, and education reform, “The Don” has constantly reminded her of her husband’s infidelity and well-documented affairs.

That equates to more vagina. Last I heard, Bill Clinton isn’t running in THIS election, he’s just married to the woman who is. “Slick William” only has one vote like the rest of us, but I can understand how influential a man he can be when it comes to securing votes for his wife who is quickly on the fast track to becoming the first woman POTUS.

She can thank a number of vaginas for that. Let me explain…

Many women across America are appalled by last week’s released video of Trump and “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush’s commentary on Trump’s treatment of women. Somehow, his ugly ass feels that he has the power and ability to size up, analyze, and conquer the female species through a variety of observations. In other words, Trump knows how to “bust a move” on unsuspecting women through his charm and debonair which would assure him “groping sessions” at his leisure. He then follows that up with another video describing him observing a 10-year old girl and stating the he’d “date” her in the next ten years. This bastard has no respect of vaginas of any age. To him, that appears to be what all women are…

unknown-1Now, evangelical white female preachers are coming after Trump in bundles. They are even calling out evangelical white MALE preachers for sitting back and saying NOTHING about this GOP idiot. Trump just keeps on sniffling and talking; sniffling and bashing; sniffling and insulting. Sooner or later he’s gonna start whining. Whining because he’s losing; whining because he’s being exposed, and whining because the writing is on the wall. He’s gonna become a whining vagina.

My advice to Trump is to drop out of the race now. No, on the other hand, just keep yo ass in there. The more you sniffle and the more you whine, the better the chance that Hillary will win the presidency in the biggest landslide of all time. She’ll thank the Republican Party for that. They’re responsible for this Trump Monster they’ve created a let loose.

In closing, I just have one request: after it’s all said and done, please tell Donald Trump to smell his fingers. They will indicate that he has become the one thing he loves most, that is, a sniffling vagina.

God bless, goodnight, and keep yo families together.

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“The Square Deal, The New Deal, and a Sniffling Vagina…”