The "ugly Americans".

Image result for trump images pushing natoWatching Donald trump push aside that other world leader to get to the front of the line today made me feel embarrassed for him, his family, and our country. Talk about the“ugly American.” He was boorish, ill-mannered, and uncouth. In other words, it was classic trump.

I am not sure what he was trying to prove throughout this NATO visit, but you could tell by watching the other world leaders no one was impressed. He came across like that drunk uncle that everyone tries to avoid at the family barbecue.

And yet, there he was, the leader of the free world, looking and acting like the crude demagogue who griffted his way into the oval office.

“The incident happened in Brussels on Thursday

Commenting on the hilarious moment, one twitter user said: “He’s like a child trying to be king of the playground, but all the other kids are actually adults.”

Another wrote: “It’s obvious they were deliberately ignoring him and he felt uncomfortable.”’

What’s scary is that this type of behavior will only get him more love from some of the people in his base. “See, this is what we needed, a tough guy to stand up to dem dare Europeans. They don’t have that girly man Obama t kick around anymore.”

The tough guy persona seems to be working for a certain segment of the GOP base, and, as a result, the tough guy wannabes are the ones being hailed by trump and his minions as the only true Americans.

Even republican politicians running for congress seemed to have gotten into act.

One of them body slammed a reporter for asking him a policy question for crying out loud.

“The bizarre events that unfolded on election eve layered a new level of uncertainty over the congressional contest, which had been seen up until then as Republican Gianforte’s to lose.

The wealthy tech entrepreneur was cited for misdemeanor assault Wednesday night after accusations that he body-slammed Ben Jacobs, a journalist for the Guardian newspaper who was asking the candidate about the House GOP’s healthcare legislation.

Image result for montana congress images jacobs body slam*Democrats put up a last-minute radio spot featuring audio of the altercation and suggesting voters ask themselves, “If Greg Gianforte could be sentenced to jail, should he really be elected to Congress?”

Three of Montana’s largest newspapers, the Missoulian, Helena Independent Record and Billings Gazette immediatelyrescinded their endorsement of Gianforte, who has had a reputation in the state for prickliness — especially when dealing with reporters.” [Source]

If he wins he will fit right in with the gang in Washington. Let’s be honest, trump created this environment and dangerous situation for reporters by creating a people vs. press atmosphere in America. Remember all those rallies where he encouraged his supporters to attack the reporters who were present? I do.

trump created this atmosphere, and we will all have to live with the consequences.

*Pic from nbcwashington,com

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The "ugly Americans".