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The White House vs. Jemele.

The North Koreans are launching missiles all over the place, and they just sent another one over the country of Japan. This after the UN Security Council passed fresh “sanctions ” against the rogue nation. There is no doubt that North Korea is causing all kinds of problems on the world stage. They are the type of problems that would keep a president up at night. Not this one.

Sadly, while all of this was going on, your president was tweeting about a sports anchor and how he wants her to apologize for hurting his feelings.(That sound you hear is me laughing all the way from Philly.)

The White House pretty much doubled down on their request to have Ms. Hill fired today, and I am quite sure that the seriousness of their posture, and the chilling affect their demands have on our Constitution is lost on them. As a mentioned above, it is laughable. This is a president who never apologizes to anyone, and yet he is asking for a sports reporter to be fired for speaking her mind on twitter. I m quite sure that Barack Obama would like an apology as well for the racist birther lie that he (trump) peddled for all these years, but we all know that it is never coming. Only real men know how to say I am sorry.

Anyway, I think it’s kind of sad when an administration prosecutes some poor woman for simply laughing at something Jeff Sessions said during his confirmation hearing, and then they call for the firing of a sports reporter because she said what many folks believe to be true. I see a pattern here. I will let you figure it out.

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The White House vs. Jemele.