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"Trump fatigue" has already set in.

TWEET ME“Our long national nightmare is over”

With all due respect to Gerald Ford, I honestly believe that our “national nightmare” has just began.

In case you have not been paying attention, the president confirmed today, in an interview with Lester Holt, that all of his minions were either being lied to by him, or just flat out lying to us. Either way it’s not good, and the stench is just getting stronger.

Mr. trump declared that he alone decided to fire James Comey, even though all of his spokespeople were busy telling us that some Deputy AG in the Attorney General’s office was the one who pushed for, and was ultimately responsible for Comey getting the boot. For the record, the fall guy is not pleased, and he apparently does not like the fact that he was used by trump and his people to try and plays us.

The bookies in South Philly are already taking bets on the over and under for the amount of days trump will last in office before being impeached (I think that he will limp to the end of his term), and the under is raking in the most bucks right now, but we will see.

Among other things I learned today that Mr. trump asked the man charged with investigating him and his administration- on three different occasions– if he was under investigation. Imagine that for a minute. Remember how upset republicans got when Bill Clinton met Loretta Lynch on that airplane in Phoenix? I do. Regardless of what was said, they moaned, it was not a good look. And I agree with them, it was not a good look. But if true, this is far worse, and you won’t hear a peep out of right-wingnuts about it.

Over in Washington, the republicans have circled the wagons, and at least publicly, they are standing by trump and his team. Not one republican has had the decency to come forward and tell the emperor that he has no clothes. Outside of the beltway we are all dying of trump fatigue after just over a hundred days.

Personally, I am already tired of the guy. And I wish that he would just go away, play golf, and drive around in his gold plated golf cart all day. He would be doing all of us a huge favor.

Not all of us can handle nightmares.

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"Trump fatigue" has already set in.