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Unique Views Podcast Episode 11: Colin Powell Is Blacker Than Lil Wayne

Who would have thought that we would make it to 11 episodes? We sure didn’t. But nevertheless, here we are, back at it again, and this time, I won’t waste your time telling you that I sing a capella on this show. That’s right, I bring my dove tonsils out of retirement to give you guys the treat of your life. Patti “I’m not friends with Ava DuVernay although I say I am” LaDanielle exposes her love for a capella singing and, more importantly, a capella reality shows.

Of course, we discuss #TeacherBae because why wouldn’t we, and while we both find her clothing choices to be fine, I would like to use this space to extend a warm and personal invite to #TeacherBae to have an in-depth one-on-one about fashion and long division. We could talk about anything really, as I’m open. I like Scrabble and self-help books. Hit me up here.

Lil Wayne doesn’t believe racism exists or that he’s ever faced it even though he’s from one of the poorest wards in Louisiana and is a black man in ‘Merica and literally looks like the physical manifestation of what racism would look like if it had a face and dreads.

Colin Powell confirms his brother status as leaked emails show that he has words for Donald Trump and can’t figure out why Hilary Clinton kept dragging his name into her email scandal. Thus, Powell proves that he is blacker than Lil Wayne, and the circle is complete!

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Unique Views Podcast Episode 11: Colin Powell Is Blacker Than Lil Wayne