We all love our Veterans. Well….. most of us.

Image result for memorial day imagesIt’s Memorial Day here in America, and now might be a good time to remind everyone what the president of this country allegedly did to a veteran one day in his not too distant past.

Scott Dworkin, the co-founder of the Democratic Coalition, recently tweeted an unsurprising reminder of court papers showing that Trump evicted a U.S. veteran because he had a therapy dog.

Specifically, the court papers described the complainant as a “United States Army combat veteran of Afghanistan and Kosovo” who had a “psychiatric disability that substantially limits one or more of his major life activities.” Furthermore, the court papers show he was advised by a psychiatrist and primary care physician to obtain a therapy dog.

Though they gave Trump Village a note from their physician explaining the need for a therapy dog, Trump attempted to evict them due to having a dog. Despite this, however, they accepted rent after the termination date of the lease and the Housing Court dismissed the eviction.

The hypocrisy of Trump’s business actions was not lost on Twitter users who responded in outrage at the deplorable act. Trump used the appearance of being a man for the military and for the vets to win the election. With a system that is undoubtedly broken when it comes to caring for its vets, it’s understandable they want to see that in Trump. However, one must take into account his previous actions. Trump allowed this to happen. Does he really care about a veteran when it comes down to his bottom dollar?” [Source]

I didn’t believe it at first myself, but if you go to the link of the article you will see the actual court papers used by the author that ultimately convinces me of the veracity of the story.

That, and the fact that this president has a rather dubious history as a landlord.

So when you see President trump following his scripted lines today about sacrifice and being grateful to the men and women who served, remember that it is not coming from the heart, because president trump does not care about those men and women or anything else except himself and his inner circle.

An inner-circle, by the way, that’s getting smaller and smaller.

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We all love our Veterans. Well….. most of us.