We Have to Train Our Children Early

By Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher

James Baldwin once said, “These are all of our children, we will benefit by or pay for what they become.” This thought is a very relevant sentiment as it relates to the shaping of our future. We all share a part in the final product of our children. It is the children of today, who are the leaders of tomorrow. The way our children develop, act and lead over the next generations will write our story in the history books for us. The world will know the type of leaders and parents we are, based off of the production of the generations which will follow us.

I am reminded of my closing remarks at the most recent Monthly Networking Luncheon, at the Acres Home Chamber for Business and Economic Development. After Lone Star Community College System’s (LSCS) Vice Chancellor, Dr. Linda Head concluded her informative delivery, there were a few things I felt the need to address on behalf of our education system. With representatives from LSCS, Houston Community College and educators and administrators from local area school districts the time was right to speak out about what I have been witnessing.

It was brought to my attention that behavioral science is a part of the coursework at community colleges. We MUST Understand the college system should be a ground to establish higher educational methods and teachings. Therefore, fundamental sciences, values and learning experiences have no business being taught at that level of education. By the time a student reaches college age, it is virtually impossible to teach them behavior skills they should have been taught as a child. The school system should be teaching behavioral science in kindergarten in the public-school setting. At that age, children are more apt to accept the behavioral patterns established by administrators and educators, even if it is not being taught or demonstrated in the home; the idea of having exposure to the proper way to conduct themselves will go a long way.

We MUST Understand in a lot of instances, many of our parents do not know how they are to conduct and present themselves. Therefore, it is difficult for a parent to teach a child something that they don’t know. That’s why I feel it should be required for parents to sit right there with their children, while they are being taught and trained on how to act. As far as I’m concerned teaching behavior science to college-aged students is just like teaching critical thinking in college; it’s too late at that point.

Realistically, we don’t need to teach no 20-year-old kid behavior science, if his ass don’t know how to act at that age then he needs to be locked up. College students are responsible for paying their way in college. It ought to be a shame for a student to get to college and pay to learn how to act.

At Houston Community College they have created classes and coursework to help students complete their high school diploma or GED. This means that some of our children have to go to college to graduate from high school.

So, we need help from those who we elect and pay to work for us. I have been challenging our education commissioners, superintendents, administrators and other officers to do something for the benefit of our children.

I have said it once and I will say it again… If I was a lawyer, I would sue every school district in the country for failure to teach our kids how to make a living. Nowadays, by the time our children graduate high school, they barely know how to make it without technology and their parent’s income. Something is seriously wrong with this picture. When we came out of school, we didn’t need a degree because we were taught how to make a living in school. I remember taking up woodshop around the seventh and eighth grade in school. I was successful in it and was able to utilize the skills I retained from those classes when I became an adult to make a living for myself. These classes need to be placed back in school and made a requirement for our children. In closing, I would like to share a quote a saw online by an anonymous author. “Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive; easy to govern but impossible to enslave.”

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We Have to Train Our Children Early