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We MUST Understand: Don’t Shame the Family!

By: Roy Douglas Malonson, Publisher of African-American News & Issues & Author of column series We MUST Understand

When I was a boy growing up in Acres Home we were taught many things that have remained with me until this very day. One of the things that I will never forget hearing the old folks say is, “don’t shame the family!” I know that we are living in a new day; but I believe that if the values that were instilled in us when we were younger were at work today, there would not be nearly as many problems and issues as there are. There will always be something that we have to deal with. However people demonstrating the lack of values, morals, ethics and common decency, just appears to be the norm these days.

For over thirty years, I have been saying that we as members of the African-American community need to hold our leaders accountable. Some of what we are experiencing with authoritative figures just doing what they want to stems from the idea, that their behavior is acceptable. When we sit idle, don’t vote and don’t voice our concerns with our leaders, it sends the impression that we approve of what they do. I was reminded of these things in regards to our current president, Donald Trump. I have tried my best to remain hopeful with his administration, but I have just been having a hard time. First of all, a leader in any capacity is the chief representation for a group or body of members. Therefore, when placed at the forefront, it is expected that the leader will carry his or herself in such a way that it will not disgrace or shame the very ones that they are aiming to represent. So why then has there been so much of an issue in reference to President Trump visiting and networking with other foreign countries, as it has been the United States custom for hundreds of years?

We MUST Understand that America is one of the leading countries around the globe. America is not some third-world country that doesn’t have a name or reputation to maintain. People from other countries spend their lifetime just trying to gain citizenship here. My purpose of stating that is to describe the level of accountability that the leader of a nation such America should subscribe to. Countries all around the world look up to America. Therefore, we cannot afford to have a commander-in-chief that does not simply understand the concept of “shaming the family”.

Recently, Bill Neely of NBC News recently ran an article entitled, “Russia Compiles Psychological Dossier on Trump for Putin.” While I have chosen to title this editorial as “Don’t Shame the Family”, it appears that shame is already on the horizon for our current president. Neely explains in his article that a psychological makeup is underway for in preparation of President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Trump is being described as a “risk-taker, who can be naïve”. Due to Trump’s conversation and actions it has been concluded by the former Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Andrei Fedorov that he is, “not living in a box — he is living in a crowd.” Fedorov says, that Trump should, “listen to the people around him especially in the areas where he is weak.”

It is customary for other countries to get a brief run-down of various leaders that they are scheduled to meet and network with. But, to prepare a complete psychological dossier on someone is similar to how our government does mass murderers and the likes. So for a leader to have to do this on another leader reminds me of what I was taught when I was younger, “Don’t shame the family!”
Then, if that’s not enough there has also been controversy in a completely different area of the world, in regards to the presence of Donald Trump. In London, a petition has been started to cancel Donald Trump’s state visit with Queen Elizabeth II. The invitation was announce a few months back and not long afterwards, residents were compelled to dispute his visit to London. Over a million signatures have been gathered at an attempt to persuade British Parliament not to entertain him. Some of the backlash comes from the executive order that Donald Trump signed banning people from Muslim countries entrance into the United States, as well as temporarily disabling the refugee program.

The petition was started by Graham Guest. He told Karla Adam of the Washington Post why he initiation the petition. He said he did not want Trump to embarrass Queen Elizabeth, II. If he chooses, Trump can go to Britain, but they are protesting his right to experience the complete state visit, with all of the bells and whistles that other diplomats normally receive. The petition states, “Donald Trump’s well documented misogyny and vulgarity disqualifies him from being received by Her Majesty the Queen or the Prince of Wales.”

The fact that there is even this much debate over POTUS going to carry out a simple custom that has been a part of American tradition for ages is simply embarrassing. It was one thing if America had done something to these other nations. But the problem is merely the personality and behavior of the leader of these United States. All I can state is, “Don’t Shame the Family,” that is…. If it’s not too late!


We MUST Understand: Don’t Shame the Family!