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When "membership has its privileges."

Image result for joe mcKnight shooter images I am not a New York Jets fan , so I know very little about Joe McKnight’s NFL career. Apparently he was a decent runner who had issues holding on to the football. In the Not For Long league you will not last long if you can’t hold on to the football. I don’t care how fast and elusive you are.

Lately Joe McKnight has been in the news for very tragic reasons that have nothing to do with football. He lost his life on a Jefferson Parish street after a road rage incident with another motorist.

This would be just another tragic story of a person (albeit a somewhat famous one) losing his life to the mean streets and because of the culture of guns in this country. But sadly, the real story here took place after the killing.

“On Thursday afternoon, former college football star, and onetime NFL running back Joe McKnight was shot to death in what law enforcement officials describe as a “possible road rage incident” in Jefferson Parish, LA.

One day later, the white man who admitted to authorities that he’d fired the bullet responsible for killing McKnight walked out of a police station a free man. No charges had been filed.

Ronald Gasser, 54, was released from custody on Friday morning, and has “not been formally charged as of yet in the shooting death of Joe McKnight,” Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Col. John N. Fortunato told reporters.

The decision to release Gasser has baffled many, who saw McKnight’s death as a fairly

straightforward case. According to NOLA.com, an unnamed witness described seeing Gasser shoot McKnight at Behrman Highway and Holmes Boulevard in Terrytown, LA, just outside New Orleans. The witness claimed that McKnight appeared to be trying to apologize while Gasser raised his voice at him. Following the shooting, the witness said, Gasser stood over McKnight and said “I told you don’t you fuck with me” before shooting McKnight once more.

According to law enforcement officials, once officers arrived, they “began CPR [on McKnight] as they awaited the arrival of [emergency medical services]. Soon thereafter, Mr. McKnight was pronounced dead on the scene.” Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand told NOLA.com that McKnight appeared to be entirely unarmed. Gasser admitted he had been the shooter.” [Source]

The portions of this story that says the shooter stood over McKnight and said “I told you don’t you fuck with me” is in dispute. Gasser, of course, says that he never left his car.

The point is that once again there seems to be unequal treatment being handed out by certain folks in law enforcement when it comes to how people of different races are treated

Consider a similar case in New Orleans, recently. Another road rage incident involving a former football player with a totally different outcome.

Will Smith’s killer was black. He is still in jail. Joe McKnight’s killer is a free man as of me writing this post.

Just like with American Express, when it comes to the white male race, “membership has its privileges.”

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When "membership has its privileges."