When your sense of entitlement can land you in jail.

“The only thing I like about rich people is their money.”
Nancy Astor the Viscountess Astor    

So now that America is learning that it isn’t those poor “undeserving” black children taking their children’s spots in elite colleges and universities, I hope that folks will think twice the next time they scream affirmative action. 

Most of us are not surprised that these pay to get your child in college schemes have been going on. And we are all aware that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Entitled children and their entitled parents just can’t go to good old State U with all the common folks. The scary thing is that these children already have all the money and resources at their fingertips, so they really should be getting into these prestigious schools on their own merit. 

Anyway, the more I hear and read about this story, is the more I want to see Mr. trumps high school and college transcripts. He likes to say that he is smart, and brag about the fact that he went to Penn, but the truth is he has fought like hell to keep his grades a secret, and the folks at Penn won’t even acknowledge him or take his money.  

Make no mistake, Mr. trump is no different than the folks who got busted for trying to cheat to get their children in college. Just look how he got his daughter and  son- in- law security clearances. 

This is how democratic lawmakers feel about it.

“Just look at the President and his Administration. The working class are held to one standard, while the likes of Ivanka and Jared can be granted security clearance over the objections of intelligence professionals.”

Yeah, I can definitely see Daddy trump pulling some strings to get his children special treatment that they don’t deserve. Kind of like his daddy did for him.   

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