Where in the world is Jim?

“Jim “loves the City of Lights, he loves Paris. For years, every year during the summer, he would go to Paris. It was automatic, with his wife and his family.”
Trump one day asked Jim: “How’s Paris doing?”

“‘Paris?” Jim replied, as relayed by Trump. “‘I don’t go there anymore. Paris is no longer Paris.'”

That was our president talking to a bunch of conservatives about his imaginary friend, Jim.

I am thinking about Jim today because the president is in Paris, and Jim had so many bad things to say about Paris. Heck according to him he doesn’t even go there anymore. trump sans Jim has been beating up on Paris in the past as well. So much so that the Mayor of Paris had to check him a time or two.

Anyway, it seems that the Parisians have been good to trump on his trip so far. So if the trip goes well, will he (trump) tell Jim not to speak so ill of Paris and France anymore? I am sure it will be easy to do, because something tells me that Jim is never too far from president trump.

Parisians are so concerned about trump and his friend Jim, that one French reporter actually asked him about Jim today in his press conference with the French president. (Mr. president, if you made up the story about your friend Jim, please take note that the whole world is laughing at us.) Of course, as is always the case, the president ducked the question, and deflected so that he wouldn’t have to talk about Jim.

Poor Jim must not be very happy with all the scrutiny that comes with being the president’s friend. News outlets have been trying to find him with no luck. Jim must be a very reclusive guy.

“Jim from Trump’s description, sounds old, settled, rich. His Paris, one imagines, spanned from Cartier to L’Ami Louis. But he didn’t ring a bell for observers of the New York–Palm Beach power scene. “I haven’t got a clue as to who Trump’s friend Jim is,” David Patrick Columbia, of New York Social Diary, said. “I know a few Juleses but no Jims who fit the bill,” the writer William Norwich said, confessing that he’d been puzzling over Jim’s identity ever since Trump name-checked him. “You really think there is an actual person?” the journalist Kati Marton asked. “Jim is akin to Mexican rapists and Swedish terrorists.”

I am not as cynical as Kati Marton.

I just hope that when Jim does show up the president will keep him away from the codes.

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Where in the world is Jim?