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Will he still "love it" a month from now?

* So here is the analogy: (h/t to Beth) A bunch of bad actors decide to rob a bank. They make all the necessary preparations, and stock up on guns, masks, and a getaway car. They meet at the designated time, storm the building they believe to be a bank, and end up breaking into a local bakery. They then quickly abandon the plan because they stormed the local bakery instead of the bank.

Did they commit a crime? Of course they did. Attempted robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. They had the intent to rob the bank, or, as it is known in the legal field: the mens rea. All it takes is the “mere preparation” to commit the crime.

So let’s look at the acts of this band of merry men for a minute. They want us to believe that this smoking gun with little trump’s e-mail is a big “nothing burger”, because they got nothing of substance from the Russian operative. They want us to believe that they were just amateurs and that their actions should be excused because they are new to the political game.

Time to go back to my analogy. Do you see how this works? They had the intent. The fact that they did not accomplish their goal (at least we don’t think that they did) does not change the fact that they intended to.

As one of their own gang members, Charles Krauthammer, said: “Well, it’s a hell of a defense to say your collusion might be incompetent…”

Little Donald, it might be time to start thinking before you talk. I know it’s a family trait to shoot from the hip first and think later, but this is not the time to play games.

And I don’t believe for a minute that big Donald was not aware of this little palaver between his troops and Vlad’s emissary. The meeting took place in Trump Tower for crying out loud! How could he not have known about the meeting?

Anyway, time will tell how far this will go. Republicans are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping that they can close their eyes and this entire Russian saga will just go away. Good luck with that. We are only six months in.

*Pic from cnn.com

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Will he still "love it" a month from now?