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Your 45th president.

    Image result for trump image“Everything I believe in – kindness, goodwill, selflessness, honor – has all been soundly revoked by my country tonight. Cannot reconcile it.” @jeffcannata

    I remember my first visit to America as a child. My father moved the family to East Lansing, Michigan to pursue his doctoral studies at Michigan State University. As a wide- eyed kid I felt like I hit the jack pot. Snow. Baseball.Toys. Unlimited amounts of candy. America, to me was a beautiful place. So imagine my disappointment when my father told the family that we had to go back to Jamaica when his studies were over.

    He had job offers from all over the country, but he just wouldn’t stay. Jamaica was home, and that’s where he was going. So he packed up the family and moved back to the place he loved more than anywhere else on earth.

    To my father, America wasn’t all that. He saw behind all the glitz and glamour, and all the false platitudes of exceptionalism. He had faced discrimination as a young college student years before, and (even though I didn’t know it at the time) he was experiencing it then.

    I was thinking about my father last night when the charade of American decency was finally exposed. Americans elected a man who questioned the legitimacy of the man he will be replacing, bragged about assaulting women, and refused to rent his properties to African Americans. He is also a man who refused to release his tax returns, and started his now successful campaign by branding Mexicans as rapists.

    But this is where we are in this country. Honestly, his victory to those of us who are branded as “racism chasers” was not surprising. We saw this “whitelash” coming. We tried to warn you that this is what happens when you normalize hate. We always knew, that at it’s core, this movement was more about racism, xenophobia, sexism and just good old fashion self-preservation, than it was about economic angst and a dissatisfaction with Washington. Making America great again was a slogan meant for the good ole boys and gals in places like Pistolvania and Kentucky. It’s what got them fired up to come out in record numbers and reject the more qualified candidate who would have actually made their lives better.

    I was honestly going to stop blogging if Hillary Clinton won. The passion for making my thoughts known every night was waning, but Führer trump winning last night and becoming our 45th president made me realize that I have to stick around just a little longer.

    After all, typing at times might be just as good as fighting.

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    Your 45th president.